Weekly Specials

If you buy a $30,000.00 car, do you change the oil every 3000 miles?  Do you do routine maintenance?  Of Course you do!  Why not do it with your home as well.  We at Sam’s Carpet Care now have that additional maintenance available for you.  This weeks special includes a home free from those nasty allergens that are now being blow around outside and inside your homes by the furnace system.  Call us to day for a free inspection of your homes duct system and receive a 20% percent off coupon for the cleaning of your ducting.

 Monthly Promotion

Additional savings can be had by having a scotchgardTM protectant applied to your freshly cleaned carpets.  With each carpet cleaning for the entire month of April you can receive a whopping 25% off coupon for the application of a carpet protectant.  All you have to do is ask when you schedule your cleaning to receive this special offer.  And when we apply this you will receive a certificate of authenticity from ScotchgardTM.